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Nature gifts us with its most precious source for perfect hair. Commonly known as the shea tree and as everything comes to those who wait, perfection takes time. 

SARYNA KEY willingly accepted natures precious gift to formulate, create and proudly launch its worlds exclusive formula of African shea butter enriched professional products. Each are individually created for different hair and skin types, to treat, care, nourish, rejuvenate and beautify. 

Some 50 years ago to be exact for a African Shea tree to mature and produce nuts. Once harvest cracked open and grounded following age old craft traditions. Shea nuts offer up their butter rich in vitamins A, E, and F, essential fatty acid, proteins and amino acids. These natural active virtures optimally moisturizes dry hair, enhances scalp circulation, and prevents free radical damage. 

Our philosophy is beautiful hair, beautiful skin. Our shea butter lines features a palette of selected natural ingredients such as: wheat, apple, cotton, silk proteins and amino acids... to offer all hair and all skin types perfection. 

SARYNA KEY is delighted and proud to be a globally acknowledged industry leader introducing the world to the care and benefits of shea butter. We are forever committed to a better world, to environmental conservation and to ethical practices.


Our Products are 100% Curtly Free & Recyclable. 

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NO YELLOW shampoo & condition treatment
from the Unique Pro Collection
This neutralizing duo of shampoo &conditioning treatment will corrects brassy tones, brighten gray or tone highlights while repairing & moisturizing hair. Has rehabilitation properties of
Shea Butter, Vitamins of A, E & F
No Yellow Shampoo has Blue Pigment & Condition Treatment has Violet Pigments. 


Nature’s source to perfect hair belongs to the shea tree, and perfection can't be rushed. It can take up to 50 years for an African shea tree to produce nuts.  

When shea nuts are finally cracked open and grained in a traditional process they reveal a butter rich in vitamins A, E and F, essential fatty acids, proteins and cinnamon acid.

These natural elements moisturize dry hair, increase scalp circulation, and prevent free radical damage.

As part of  the Saryna Key™ commitment to environmental conservation and ethical practices, our bottles are 100% recyclable and our products are cruelty free.