Healthier Choices For Our Salon/Spa Professionals

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Healthier Choices For Our Salon/Spa Professionals

Marble Surface
Finished Results

Kylee Ruth, stylist/owner of SHEAR SAVAGE,  in Utah. See Kylee STUNNING transformation using A.S.P. INFINITI color.

  • Model's base formula: Shades 4.0 & 5.0 to defuse lines.

  • Added 6.036 & 5.0 to base formula & pulled through shaft & ends for a balayage dimensional look. 

Shades available online or contact your CKSS Sales Rep. or CKSS Customer Service.

CKSS Spotlights Stylist

                                                      Kylee Ruth

Finished Results



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In 2005 CK Salon Solutions saw a great demand for high quality natural products for the salon/spa industry. So, the journey began to source out for more natural products for our salon industry.


These products would provide incredible performance without sacrificing the integrity of the hair and skin while ensuring the wellbeing of the client and professional. Sourcing and providing natural products that met our standards was exceedingly difficult. Years ago, few manufacturers within the beauty industry were not focused on natural and health conscious ingredients. 

We made it our mission to find products that were not only safer for the professional and client but also had superior performance. Knowledge is power and we make it a priority to educate our professionals on exactly what is in the product you are investing in. 


Our vision was and remains to bring the most technologically advanced products that adhere to our strict requirements. We only partner with manufacturers that holistically combine the purest botanical formulas but are also sourced as ethically as possible. 


We continue to set the standard in providing innovative, technologically advanced, and natural brands by partnering with companies who share our same vision. 


“Healthier Choices for The Salon Professional”


On behalf of CK Salon Solutions and our Team, we are grateful to support our beauty industry associates. and we appreciate you allowing us to partner with your business. 


Kathrina Carter


CK Salon Solutions

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